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June Mountain is closed for the 2016/17 Winter Season, as of April 9, 2017.

Buy early for big savings

Get 20% off when you buy your Rentals at least seven days in advance. Just enter in your dates and the savings is automatically applied. 

The day you'd like to pickup your equipment. Our locations have different opening dates depending on snow conditions:
June Rentals open 12/16/2016 - 4/9/2017
Multi-day rentals are the best value. Reserve seven days in advance and receive an additional 10% discount on multi-day rentals (excluding holidays).
  • Standard is the basic package for all ages, both skiers and snowboarders.
  • Standard Plus is for skis only.
  • Performance Demo is for skiers and snowboarders featuring this year’s top of the line equipment.
Ski Only rentals include skis and bindings. Snowboard Only rentals include a snowboard and bindings. Packages for skis include skis, boots, bindings and poles; Packages for snowboards include snowboard, bindings and boots.
A Location, Start Date, Duration, and Sport are required.


Why rent your equipment somewhere else when you can get everything you need at our Rental Shop? All your gear will be right here when you need it with our free overnight equipment check. The Rental Shop is conveniently located, mid mountain, in the June Meadows Chalet.

Rental Products 

12 & Under


Standard Package, Ski or Snowboard   Yes Yes Yes
Demo Package, Ski or Snowboard   Yes No Yes
Standard Ski or Snowboard Only Yes  Yes Yes
Demo Ski or Snowboard Only Yes  No Yes
Standard Boot, Ski or Snowboard  Yes Yes Yes
Demo Boot, Ski or Snowboard Yes No Yes
Helmets Yes Yes Yes